Colins certificate in level 3 City/Guilds Advanced Carpentry & joinery is currently missing although He has paid C&G £40 plus to provide a copy, they returned not found ? The certificate refers to 1986 .

After serving an advanced apprenticeship in building trades and specialised in kitchen installations, he returned to college at 22 years old and was awarded the certificate from felling skills centre after the course and exams.

Unfortunately over the years Colin has misplaced his certificate and apparently they cant trace his award ? This has proved to be vastly disappointing to Colin as his, “at the time certificate” ( from the apprenticeship ) wasn’t enough to gain employment as he was told, so he felt forced to take another course and exams.

If any one feels they still doubt his capabilities he asks them to look as his contract record, with B&Q twice contracted, Texas homecare contracted, Wickes contract, several other local firms and Magnet installer. Until such times as I can find the certificate.”