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Gosforth, Newcastle.

Bottle or draft, sir?

We're currently working on a project which is developing a building and giving it a facelift. The project belongs to Ian (on your right, polishing a worktop..!) who does a lot of the design and survey work.

Ian has a vast amount of experience in the kitchen industry.

The planning and design of this project was left to Ian. He also took care of the first fix (where the units are initially placed before being finished) before he and Colin worked together on the second fix, finishing the worktops and other installations.

Integrated fridge and freezer

Once the floor is laid and worktops have been installed, the appliances can be brought in to fit.

Sockets are fitted into adjacent cupboards to allow easy access to the appliance's mains supply without having to remove the appliance first.

Once the two appliances are installed the furniture doors can be fitted. These are available in many different styles.


A fully integrated washer/dryer is plumbed and piped into the adjacent unit, again for easy access to isolation valves without having to move the washer. For instance if you leave the house unoccupied for a long period you would isolate the water supply by closing the valves before you left.

Normally the socket is placed in the unit also.

The furniture door has to be drilled out for the hinges separately for each type of washing machine.

The kickboard (plinths) under the units fit right through so without opening the door, you'd never know there was a washing machine in that cupboard.

Notice the tiling behind the sink, too.


Check back here for details when the project is finished, and to view more images of our handywork.