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This is our before and after page. From here you can see what a difference we could make to your kitchen by viewing a selection of photographs taken of recently installed kitchens. Click on a picture to see a full size view, or you can start at the top left and follow the links that appear to go through them all step by step.

Before photos on the left..........After photos on the right!

Most of the before photos were actually taken during the removal of the old kitchen.

All of the after photos are of the complete new installation.(mostly apart from some tiling)

Our man at work on the right, there. Everything has to go, from the flooring to the tiling and units. Click for full image. Click for full image. And this is the result. Well lit counter tops and tidy new cupboards.
What's this? Someone leaving tools lying around..? Click for full image. Click for full image. Good job someone knows what to do with them, then! Glass cupboard doors and a new counter are certainly an improvement.
New unit bases are in place, ready to accept the new worktops. Click for full image. Click for full image. ...and job done. Complete with an attractive new oven and cooker top.
Nothing wrong with this one, is there? Click for full image. Click for full image. I'll let you decide the answer to that one...
Bare cupboard shelves and an old-style gas cooker. Click for full image. Click for full image. Transformed into a posh new kitchen. Wonder who did all that, then..!
That's a sad sight that. This place is screaming out for the Customfitt treatment. Click for full image. Click for full image. There. That's better! Same kitchen, but from a different point of view. Well, we had to show off the supported cupboards with glass doors, now, didn't we..?
These next three are the same kitchen. Here is a view of the back door before the boys got to work... You can see the back door again in this shot. Look at the difference the tiling makes alone...
The back wall is in need of a makeover. Some tiles, some units and a lot of hard work. Ceiling downlights really make a difference as well.
A view of the window with the old units plainly in view. Or the old plain units in view... New units, more tiling and a slightly remodeled window with downlights. Much better.
More power tools and old cookers... The sink is the only thing left unchanged. Everything bar the tiling sorted.
The job half finished. The job nearly completed. Just the tiling to do.
Old sink units and no worktops. Not good... New sink units and worktops as well. Very nice...
Right after the old kitchen was uninstalled. A blank canvas... ...and this is the result.
Stripped out and ready for installation of a Wickes kitchen... ...and after installation of a Wickes kitchen ready for use!
Octagonal room ready for installation of granite worktops... ...after a bit of work, the granite worktops are all in place.
Another two pictures of the granite worktops... ...because we liked them so much!

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